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Absinthe is back hitting hard

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, absinthe gained widespread popularity in the bohemian scene of Paris, becoming the drink of choice for artists, writers and poets, such as Vincent van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.

However, it was also associated with adverse side effects and outlandish behaviors, leading to it being banned in several countries, including the United States and much of Europe, in the early 20th century.

Although the ban on absinthe was lifted in many places in the 2000s, its legacy remains an integral part of the drink's culture and history, evoking an aura of mystery and unbridled creativity.

With the firm intention of reviving this iconic drink, at Licores Cambure we have set out to reformulate it by giving it a contemporary twist.

Thus "Hyperloop" was born, which not only preserves the aniseed and bitter essence of absinthe, but also incorporates a distinctive touch: the aroma of cannabis.

Absinthe is distilled from a variety of herbs and spices, including wormwood, while cannabis comes from the marijuana plant.

This connection with botany gives rise to an unexpected harmony. This fusion of flavors and aromas offers spirit lovers a new and exciting experience.

Hyperloop is coming and is back to stay!

Absinthe in shot

Absinthe continues to inspire artists today.

Who hasn't heard the spanish song "Noche Ochentera"?

<<Luces neón por toda la escalera ... toque de glitter, chupito de absenta ... ¡Y me pongo pibón!>>

We are very happy that Hyperloop is one of the main choices in lollipops.

With 60% alcohol, it is a drink only suitable for the most daring!

However, for the same reason it should be consumed in moderation.

We want to share your moments of leisure with you...

Many moments of leisure!

Absinthe in cocktails

Do you know that absinthe mixes perfectly with a lot of drinks? With Vodka, Mint, Coffee Liqueur, Sambuca or Irish Cream you can create incredible combinations. We suggest two recreations of classic cocktails that are very easy to prepare:

Absinthe Van Gogh (by Cambure)

Mouling Rouge (by Cambure)

Mix 1/3 Hyperloop, 1/3 Limoncello Vincerol and 1/3 Raspberry Liqueur in a shaker. Shake it well and serve in a glass with ice.

Mix 1/3 Hyperloop, 1/3 Cambure Free Lollipop and 1/3 Peach Liqueur. Serve it with lots of ice.

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